The Winter Review

First of all apologies to both Dog Robes UK and Blonde Dog Designs who provided their fantastic items to be reviewed for a Christmas shopping guide. Sadly the busy nature of  the festive season delayed us in getting feedback from our testers. However, we’ve now very thoroughly tested their products and the results are in!

Dog Robes

Dog Robes UK kindly sent us their full range of robe, snood and drawstring bag for little Boo who is having lots of baths to help with his dermodex. Designed and made in Britain, Dog Robes are made of a special fabric that helps absorb as much water as possible (dogrobes starting at £18.95 in a range of colours, snoods £9.95 and drawstring bags £10.95; combination sets are also available ).The family run business based in Moray, Scotland has recently won the coveted Best New Design to a Pet Essential K9 product of the year 2017 award with their very own bespoke DogRobes Tartan (which is very beautiful and definitely worth checking out). As Holly LOVES a muddy puddle we have to go through the ordeal of bath time quite a lot in our household so have been big fans of DogRobes for a long time. They are incredibly easy to put on just simply pop over the head and then there are ties that cross under the belly and do up over the top. They have saved us a lot of soggy carpets and sofas and I can vouch for them washing well and holding up to the test of time and frequent use. Boo‘s fit him like a dream and has made bathtimes a lot easier and helped dry him faster which is a big help with when he’s being bathed frequently because of his dermodex. His fosterers were very happy to have something that would cut down on drying time.  They come in all shapes and sizes and can be custom made as can be seen in their ‘big shoot’ photo. You can find all information on their website or their facebook page.



Blonde Dog Designs

Blonde Dog Designs kindly donated some of their Christmas bandanas; you might recognise a few faces in our testers for these. Blonde Dog Designs specialises in bespoke handmade collars,bandanas and leads (rrp £8, £4 and £10 or £22 in a lead/ collar combo). Julia started making collars and leads after rescuing a pooch (blonde of course!) from Cyprus. Specialising in beautiful florals like the liberty and strawberry field range to funky patterns like teatime,hunter trucks and critters just to name a few they really are amazing and I would love to have them all! What did our testers think?

As you can see we had a variety of sizes and ages try them out and they loved them! They look incredibly dapper and they look like a good fit size-wise as well. What did the owners have to say? They loved the patterns and thought that they were a very good quality that fitted easily onto the collar. They have stood up to the test of Frenchie zoomies and washed well without loosing their shape. All in all a big paws up from owners and pooches.

With a lot of seasonal patterns coming in why not take a look at a few, like their beautiful heart set which is the perfect present for your valentine. You can find Blonde Dog Designs here or on their facebook page.

Written by: Arianne Lowe, PFBR Regional Coordinator for Edinburgh and Review Writer for The Enquirer

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