Raw Feeding and Vaccination in the 21st Century

Our wonderful friends at Scampers of Soham have been cooking up a frightfully good seminar with popular holistic vet, Dr. Nick Thompson, BSc (Vet Sci) Hons, BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS.

Dr Nick is a fully trained vet with over 20 years experience. He blends a conventional medical approach with complementary methods including homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine. Dr Nick has a special interest in immunology, and so this seminar is not to be missed – not only will you get the benefit of his vast experience and knowledge, but we all know how infectious (pun intended!) a passion for a subject can be.

The seminar will cover:

Nutrition: Raw Food for Pets

  • Raw Feeding for Beginners
  • Raw Feeding, the next stage
  • Raw Feeding for Veteran Raw Feeders
  • How do I feed a Raw Complete? There are so many to Choose from.
  • Should I supplement?
  • How to deal support dogs with conditions like IBD, Colitis, Liver and Kidney Disease, Fussy Eaters etc.
  • Why ‘re-starting’ vaccines is ‘inconsistent with the principles of immunological memory’ (Ref: WSAVA Vaccine Guidelines)
  • Why blood testing (titre testing) is the future
  • When to titre test
  • How best to vaccinate pups.
  • When to vaccinate old dogs; when not to
  • How useful is the kennel cough vaccine?

Question Time
The day will be split in to two – nutrition and vaccinations – and Nick has scheduled Q&A for both parts of the day, so make sure you make the most of it.

Tickets can be purchased at Scampers (or Hotdogs Training) and the event will be held at their superstore located at Northfield Crossroads, Soham, CB7 5UE. Phoenix will also be in attendance, as well as a representative from The Enquirer to give you a summary next month. Obviously, we will not be reproducing the full seminar and so if you have questions – book your tickets today!

If you are based too far away to make the seminar, keep an eye on the events lineup at holisticvet.co.uk to find an event near you. If you have a burning question that you would like a brief response to in next month’s issue, email editor@phoenixfrenchbulldogrescue.org with your question, and we will endeavour to pose your question to the experts…

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