Pootle – Trick or Treat!?

Trick…or treat?!

We thought someone was playing a trick on us when they told us about little Pootle! This poor little baby was in a terrible condition when he arrived with Phoenix and needed constant care and attention. But he has certainly turned out to be a little treat of a pup (as I’m sure his foster daddy has told you…is there anyone he hasn’t told?!)

Pootle came into us as a teeny weeny 7 week old puppy with a very sad start; since being taken under the wings of Phoenix he has grown into quite a delight! There isn’t a more documented pup in the whole of Phoenix and many of our Phoenix members have enjoyed following Pootle’s journey as he grows into quite a cheeky lad. Now 20 weeks old, his skin has improved dramatically, he’s put on a proper little puppy belly and he’s even willing to play with the big boys (and girls…sorry Ethel).

Pootle has flown his foster nest and is now in his forever home. We hope this home is a real treat for you, Pootle!


Sneaking in the big dogs bed

Always being just under your feet

Holding the bowl still while eating (by planting all feet in the bowl)

Getting away with everything with his big puppy stare

Blaming everything on Ethel


Makes an excellent neck warmer

Fantastic hand cleaner

Sweet puppy smell

Size of a beanie baby


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