Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue see dogs come in to our care from all walks of life and for many, many differing reasons. Some because their loving owners genuinely need help, and others who have a much more harrowing story. They come in with no certainty to their backgrounds; only their appearance and often poor health as evidence of what may have been. A prime example of such a heart wrenching back story is that of our recent little girl, Fifi, who gives a true meaning to the word ‘rescue’. Fifi joined Phoenix at the beginning of July, both physically and psychologically damaged. Approximately 2 yearsRead More →

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue have been officially supported by Nature’s Menu now since the beginning of the summer. They have a fantastic range of all natural pet food that can be bought online, or in participating pet stores. With so many French Bulldogs suffering from allergies, make smart choices about their food. Try a natural option – like Nature’s Menu.Read More →

Phew! It’s been hot recently. Even Scotland has been enjoying getting the BBQ out! And while the sun is man’s best friend it certainly isn’t for our pooches, especially when you have a brachycephalic breed (that’s our flat-nosed bunch). I’ve seen a few other people in their pj’s doing the zombie walk at 6am to avoid the heat and felt their pain (neither Archie or I are big fans of the morning), but what else, apart from avoiding the hottest part of the day can we do to keep our pooches cool and safe? Do you know the warning signs of heatstroke? Heat stroke isRead More →

At Dogista, they have done the work for you – they investigate, try, and test products across a range of pet product categories in order to bring you the best of the bunch. Their brands are not just quality and style, though. All products are chosen with their ethical and non-toxic material and manufacturing processes in mind. So not only do you get style, you get a responsible product, too! Why not dapper up YOUR dogista? Visit them online.Read More →