And so Autumn is upon us. The last few events of the season always tend to be a little more unpredictable with the weather and a little muddier under foot, but the indoor ones start to creep in now, and are always much appreciated. Phoenix FBR has enjoyed a very successful year of events and has enjoyed spreading the Orange around the UK. It has been a delight to meet so many of our followers, supporters, volunteers and their own dogs too. October sees a much larger-scale partnership with Barklife Events who are fully supporting Phoenix FBR and helping to raise funds and awareness, andRead More →

Hello Enquirers – me again! Now, I have to first apologise that my return to work has had a knock on effect to our usual monthly publication. It did, however, lead to the publishing of our Autumn Bonanza Issue! That’s this one, in case you were wondering. We have combined all things Halloween and Bonfire Night to create a one-stop shop for this wonderful Autumn season. Not only that, but the combination of the two issues means we have the entire of November to sit down with the big guy in red and come up with all sorts of excitement for your December issue… SoRead More →

Phoenix Orville is our winner! The team loved how scary our little monster looked (and how unimpressed) in his fantastic orange monster costume. We were also very taken with “Rennie the French Man” who models Frenchie heritage with all the style and disinterest that Paris has to offer! We do love a relevant costume and those garlic bulbs really emphasize his perfectly offset beret. I couldn’t let the competition go by without recognising this exceptionally stylish chap! We all know that slightly emo friend who couldn’t possibly smile for the camera but can always manage a devilishly handsome outfit… Here, we have the ultimate bow tie andRead More →

Trick…or treat?! We thought someone was playing a trick on us when they told us about little Pootle! This poor little baby was in a terrible condition when he arrived with Phoenix and needed constant care and attention. But he has certainly turned out to be a little treat of a pup (as I’m sure his foster daddy has told you…is there anyone he hasn’t told?!) Pootle came into us as a teeny weeny 7 week old puppy with a very sad start; since being taken under the wings of Phoenix he has grown into quite a delight! There isn’t a more documented pup inRead More →

As a serving police officer with 10 years’ experience, 7.5 years of it as a front line response officer, I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with the animals, be it adorable kittens, ponies wandering the high street at 3am, or dogs. The majority of my run-ins have either been with woofers that belong to the public or police dogs. Dogs belonging to the public have varied from friendly Frenchies to the slightly bitey (as experienced by my shin – see further down for the full story). The remainder of my experiences have been with police dogs, although I wouldn’t describe these as cute andRead More →

Caution: Distressing Images in This Article Now, we don’t like to SCAREmonger here at The Enquirer, but there is a serious issue that people often overlook that is very prevalent this time of year especially – the stick. No, I’m not having any one on, this seemingly idle tree cast away is in fact a serious danger to your pooch and so we’re posting this article to raise specific awareness about unsupervised or particularly high energy games involving sticks and to urge you all to exercise caution this Autumn Season… So, why is the humble stick such a scare? Simple. A stick has been exposedRead More →

This month we tasked Nikki Wills with the exciting task of writing an article about poo… Yes, you read that right! Copraphagia is a genuine term for the act of your dog eating poo – not always their own! As you can imagine, it was quite difficult for us to take this seriously, but Nikki has summed up a few of the key points to help you understand why this year round trick can seem like such a treat for your pooch! “Ever had a meal taste soooo tasty that you thought you could eat it all over again? As I can’t see you, I’ll assume you saidRead More →

You’re all ready for your own Halloween party now …but what will you be putting in your doggie’s goody bag? Our reviewers have had the hard task of trying out some new and unusual treats on the market… Fish4Dogs Definitely a treat that could be used as apple bobbing for pooches! Fish4Dogs kindly sent us their new Sweet Ocean Wraps, made only from two ingredients; cod fish skin and apple- they are grain and nasties free (rrp $4.50 for 100g)! The fish is sourced sustainably from the ‘waste’ left over in the human food market (nearly a whopping 50%) from Norwegian fish farms which are someRead More →

October… The cold is coming, the nights are drawing in, and the ghosts and ghouls will be here before you know it! Who doesn’t enjoy a good old fashion fancy dress Halloween party? I know I do and I’m sure that a huge percentage of you lovely readers will have a good story to tell too. One year, I went to a friend’s house party dressed as a ‘dead beauty queen’ because the pretty girl always gets murdered first, right? Well, I got to wear a prom dress, smudge my make up all over my face and mess my hair up without a care inRead More →

Our very own Maureen Cox is undertaking a slimming challenge in aid of Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue. Her weight loss journey will be continuing throughout October and ending in November, so please dig deep and be generous in support of our favourite breed! If you wish to sponsor her, please see her sponsorship form adjacent. You can also find her on our Facebook page. Any sponsorship paid directly to PFBR should be noted down as support for Maureen so that she can see all the good she is doing for our wonderful breed! Well done Maureen; PFBR are right behind you!Read More →