Our Founders October Round-Up

And so Autumn is upon us. The last few events of the season always tend to be a little more unpredictable with the weather and a little muddier under foot, but the indoor ones start to creep in now, and are always much appreciated. Phoenix FBR has enjoyed a very successful year of events and has enjoyed spreading the Orange around the UK. It has been a delight to meet so many of our followers, supporters, volunteers and their own dogs too. October sees a much larger-scale partnership with Barklife Events who are fully supporting Phoenix FBR and helping to raise funds and awareness, and educate everyone about Frenchies in general, warts and all. Even as I type, we are all frantically preparing for the Barklife & Broomsticks event in Wigan on 21st October. This is going to be SPOOKTACULAR and there will be so much for the family to do and see, a full day out. And the dogs are in for a very special day out too as we host a very special Halloween Fun Dog show. You can find more details on our website and Facebook pages, and from Barklife Events (NW) too.

And that brings me nicely on to the subject of Halloween …… This really does have to be the very best time of the year for Phoenix FBR, as it is perfectly designed with our very own colours. Pumpkins shall abound at October events, the Team may even be dressed up too! It is a very interesting point to remember that pumpkin flesh is very good for a dog with an upset tummy, as are other members of the squash family, like butternut squash. I have absolutely no idea as to the science behind this but will be attending the ‘Raw Feeding and Vaccination in the 21st Century’ event at Scampers of Soham, on 28th October, so perhaps the Holistic Vet, Dr Nick Thompson, will be able to answer this question. I shall let you know what he says, if I don’t see some of you there, which would be nice. It will be a very thought-provoking and informative event, maybe challenging some long-held views and encouraging more diverse thinking. And remember if you are Trick or Treating with your dogs, please be careful what treats they have; they may want all of the treats but not all of the treats are good for your dog. Always keep your dogs well back from residents opening their doors too as not all residents and their dogs will be completely welcoming and you may get more of a Fright Night than you bargained for! Enjoy it, but safely and sensibly.

September has seen the 6 month anniversary of our charity status, and marks 9 months since our launch. Already over 110 dogs have passed through our fosterers onto Forever Homes, and still they keep arriving. So as we start to prepare for Christmas – there, said THAT word, sorry – we will be looking for homes to give a Christmas Sofa to a dog in need. If you would like to volunteer as a fosterer there is never a better time.

I hope you enjoy this month’s edition of the French Bulldog Enquirer, and please do share with your friends too.

Have a great October,


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