Letter From Your Editor – All You Need…

Happy New Year one and all, and what a whirlwind 2018 has been already!

There was a short break for our volunteers and team members when the eventing season passed for another year, but that was soon forgotten when the Christmas rush hit. The end of 2017 saw more Frenchies need PFBR than ever before and so a big thank you is due from both Phoenix, and us here at the Enquirer for all the work that you have made possible with your time and support. It has been a whole year since we formally opened our doors and let the Phoenix fly and wow, is she soaring!

So that brings me to the main event of my post here – Valentine’s Day. You may have a special someone on your mind, but there are two things that I firmly believe… One of these is that you don’t just need love, you also need a Frenchie. The other is that there is always enough room in your heart for your first, second, third, fourth… ( you get where I’m going). So, at the time of year made for love, why not consider if you have space in your home to give that extra heart space to a fostered or adopted Frenchie!

I also can’t forget that this is the first issue of the year, and, as such, I bet many of you are still working on those New Year’s Resolutions! If you’re struggling, don’t give up now – you’re doing great. If you’re going strong, then congratulations! We can also have resolutions to do with our pets. For example, why not make a resolution to take a daily walk for at least 30 minutes where you don’t talk on the phone, or rush around the block, or refuse to stop at the lamp posts… Make it a bonding experience and enjoy the time with your pooch. Or, how about reading our article on Weight this month? Written by a veterinary nurse, it could be the information you need to address weight issues with your pet.

There are also some adorable outfits under review this month; Dog Robes are perfect for this wet and muddy weather. Dress up your favourite Valentine (the furry kind!) in a selection of fab bandanas from Blonde Dog Designs.

The final thing from me this issue is a plea. If you have even one teenie creative bone in your body (even a single bone in a tiny toe!) then please, please contact me at editor@phoenixfrenchbulldogrescue.org. I am so very keen to see the Enquirer further all of Phoenix’ charitable purposes including educating and helping the public, as well as being a fun and interesting read, but I really need your help to do it. All articles are written by volunteers, some of whom write from their own experience and some of whom (like me!) nose about elsewhere for their information. Your input is always welcome, and I would love to speak with any of you about a future article – so don’t be shy! After all, any article that does not have a name at the end is written by me and you definitely don’t want to be listening to my voice in your head for many more issues to come… (!)

Big Frenchie Kisses (because it’s Valentine’s)

Kim Malyan
Trustee PFBR and Editor of The French Bulldog Enquirer

All you need is love… and a Frenchie.

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