Halloween Fancy Dress Competition

Phoenix Orville is our winner! The team loved how scary our little monster looked (and how unimpressed) in his fantastic orange monster costume.

We were also very taken with “Rennie the French Man” who models Frenchie heritage with all the style and disinterest that Paris has to offer! We do love a relevant costume and those garlic bulbs really emphasize his perfectly offset beret.

I couldn’t let the competition go by without recognising this exceptionally stylish chap! We all know that slightly emo friend who couldn’t possibly smile for the camera but can always manage a devilishly handsome outfit… Here, we have the ultimate bow tie and cross bones ensemble, perfect for looking fly AND spooky for All Hallows Eve!


The gorgeous Floyd was showing off his muscles in the boxing ring in this very fetching ensemble. We also loved his alert and attentive expression – ready for anything, Floyd? It sure looks that way!

Orville did also make a second appearance in our line up, rocking a fabulous knit jumper that we think makes him look like an adorable ice cream, covered in sprinkles! Enjoy more pictures of Orville and some of a few special guests below! Happy Halloween everyone, and thanks for participating! 




He’s a regular model, don’t you think? Speaking of models, we like to start the pups off early so that they can live up to standards set by their elders!  Butter wouldn’t melt… 

Wonky isn’t technically in a costume, nor is she photographed with any Halloween paraphernalia… But look at those vampire teeth! She “vants to suck your blood!” or actually just nibble your ears. With breath that can kill, she’s our favourite little monster!





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  1. So proud of our little Phoenix Orville x

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