Fifi’s Rebirth

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue see dogs come in to our care from all walks of life and for many, many differing reasons. Some because their loving owners genuinely need help, and others who have a much more harrowing story. They come in with no certainty to their backgrounds; only their appearance and often poor health as evidence of what may have been.

A prime example of such a heart wrenching back story is that of our recent little girl, Fifi, who gives a true meaning to the word ‘rescue’.

Fifi, on her arrival to PFBR

Fifi joined Phoenix at the beginning of July, both physically and psychologically damaged. Approximately 2 years of age, Fifi was being advertised for sale as ‘ready to breed’; she had evidently not long had a litter, the last of who knows how many. Fifi was swollen, very sore and itchy all over. Nerves and anxiety unwavering, it was soon to be found that her physical appearance was not the only part of her story.

Placed in to a caring and attentive foster home it was learnt that, to Fifi, the outside world was a terrifying place. Even the secure, peaceful garden of her foster home alarmed her to such an extent that she would run back indoors to toilet and then cower fearfully. Toys (that most people would assume dogs to love) were very worrying and scary to Fifi.

As is the usual procedure for new dogs coming in to Phoenix FBR, Fifi was taken to the vet so that we could understand what could physically be done to help the healing process. The vet prescribed medication and a special shampoo to help alleviate Fifi’s itchiness, and to assist with redness and swelling.

Her new foster-friend is showing her the ropes and helping her to feel safe in her foster home. Dogs, just like us humans, sometimes just need a friend to boost their confidence and show them love and kindness. Fifi loves her foster-friend, who takes excellent care of her, including some well deserved Frenchie snuggles.

It isn’t known what Fifi has been through but we can assume that it is a life that is best left where it is, in the past. Not somewhere or something to dwell on, now Fifi can look forward to her future and finally getting her happy ever after. Fifi can learn to trust, learn to play and most importantly…. Learn to let people love her, the way she should always have been loved.

Check back in the months to come to hear more about how Fifi will get her chance at the happy ending she so deserves.

Written by: Nikki Wills, Personal Assistant to the Founder (PFBR)

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