Trick…or treat?! We thought someone was playing a trick on us when they told us about little Pootle! This poor little baby was in a terrible condition when he arrived with Phoenix and needed constant care and attention. But he has certainly turned out to be a little treat of a pup (as I’m sure his foster daddy has told you…is there anyone he hasn’t told?!) Pootle came into us as a teeny weeny 7 week old puppy with a very sad start; since being taken under the wings of Phoenix he has grown into quite a delight! There isn’t a more documented pup inRead More →

Denzel is a prime example of how being assessed in a foster home and then effecting a change in nutrition is sometimes key to aiding the recovery of mysterious and undefined issues. Denzel came in to the care of Phoenix and was placed in to a loving and experienced foster home. We had some information regarding Denzel and his medical needs as we knew he had a hernia and reflux, but it was soon apparent that he was a sickly little boy. Denzel was previously fed on tinned Chappie, but his foster mum felt that this wasn’t agreeing with him as his faeces were veryRead More →

In her story, Tracey tells us all about the process for applying to foster and how she fell in love with PFBR Hollie… Our home check visit to become fosterers with Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue was completed by the lovely Melissa Edwards; she made us feel at ease and comfortable. We were nervous but Mel was a lovely lady. She answered everything we needed to know about the responsibly to be fosterers, what PFBR do, and how we fill in the forms. We had a call a few days later to say we had passed our home check visit and we were suitable to be aRead More →

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue see dogs come in to our care from all walks of life and for many, many differing reasons. Some because their loving owners genuinely need help, and others who have a much more harrowing story. They come in with no certainty to their backgrounds; only their appearance and often poor health as evidence of what may have been. A prime example of such a heart wrenching back story is that of our recent little girl, Fifi, who gives a true meaning to the word ‘rescue’. Fifi joined Phoenix at the beginning of July, both physically and psychologically damaged. Approximately 2 yearsRead More →