As dog people we all know the sentiment that a dog is part of our family. They are not “just a dog” but a friend, a confidante, a playmate… So what is that makes a dog Man’s Best Friend? Why do they give us those adoring eyes? And how can we make this unexplainable bond even more special? Well, the clue is in the question – Bonding. Our dog won’t just automatically like us and so, if you have a new pet or are looking to strengthen the special bond with an existing doggy pal, we have some tips for you:- Quality Time: I often tellRead More →

In the month of love, our focus shifts naturally to matters of the heart… But what about the ACTUAL heart? We probably all know that the heart is a large and complicated muscle designed to pump blood throughout our body, delivering nutrients and all the good stuff to our major organs. Without it, we would die. Although a very different build to us, the same is true of our furry friends. In the average dog, the heart muscle will beat approximately 150,000 times in a single day! Heart disease can occur in dogs just as it does with us humans. Where the blood circulation isRead More →

New Year, New You? Have you ever thought about applying the same mantra for your pet? An astounding 59% of dogs in the UK are now considered to be classified as obese which is a frightfully high statistic! These days, overweight dogs are commonly perceived to be ‘normal’ due to influences such as social media, breed standards, pressures from family and friends, as well as a lack of understanding about what is truly healthy. A lack of exercise, misunderstanding feeding guidelines and excessive calorific treats are all recognised as major contributing factors to pet obesity. Often breed standards will stipulate that a breed should beRead More →

If you’re anything like the family of PFBR Founder, Teresa Cargill, you will LOVE to decorate your home in the full spirit of Christmas. There are, however, a few items that you should be particularly cautious about this season as we all know the saying “curiosity killed the cat” and it doesn’t fare all that much better for our canine pals either… Berries Several of our Christmas favourites come with rather striking berries – take holly and mistletoe. While the foliage for either of these plants are considered to be low toxicity, the berries can be a different kettle of fish entirely. Keep these toRead More →

There is nothing better than a yummy Christmas Dinner on 25th December, surrounded by family, friends… and furries! Many of us will figuratively invite our pets to the table on Christmas by sharing our food with them as a special treat; some of us might even invite them literally as well! Whilst this is a lovely thought, it is widely accepted that most human food is just not good for your dog, some of it is even dangerous. So here’s our Christmas guide to what Christmas foods your pet can have, and what you should leave on the Christmas table… Turkey Turkey and other ChristmasRead More →

In this article I am going to write about the dangers of buying a puppy from a bad breeder. There are so many puppies available nowadays, especially French Bulldogs, and you have to make sure you do your research thoroughly before buying. How do you know whether the place you are buying from is reputable? How can you spot a “greeder”? The harsh truth about buying a puppy in today’s world is that a lot of people are only in the breeding game for money, and not for the welfare or improvement of the breed. I am not saying that all breeders are like thisRead More →

We’ve all seen the adorable stockings, filled with pup-related treats, in the shops this time of year. I don’t know very many dog owners who don’t take this time of year as a further opportunity to spoil their furry friend. We need to be careful, however, about exactly what is in those adorably packaged gift solutions. You can see our article on Fat in Treats for one major issue to look out for, but this article is geared towards another Christmas pooch favourite – raw hide. There are numerous horror stories about raw hide and yet it is hugely prevalent in the pet market, whetherRead More →

Caution: Distressing Images in This Article Now, we don’t like to SCAREmonger here at The Enquirer, but there is a serious issue that people often overlook that is very prevalent this time of year especially – the stick. No, I’m not having any one on, this seemingly idle tree cast away is in fact a serious danger to your pooch and so we’re posting this article to raise specific awareness about unsupervised or particularly high energy games involving sticks and to urge you all to exercise caution this Autumn Season… So, why is the humble stick such a scare? Simple. A stick has been exposedRead More →

This month we tasked Nikki Wills with the exciting task of writing an article about poo… Yes, you read that right! Copraphagia is a genuine term for the act of your dog eating poo – not always their own! As you can imagine, it was quite difficult for us to take this seriously, but Nikki has summed up a few of the key points to help you understand why this year round trick can seem like such a treat for your pooch! “Ever had a meal taste soooo tasty that you thought you could eat it all over again? As I can’t see you, I’ll assume you saidRead More →

Dog treats. We all keep some handy in our homes/pockets/cars/handbags to reward our furry family members when they act in a desirable way. Sometimes this is a one-off (such as a yummy bone to distract them) and sometimes this is part of a sustained training program (when learning new tricks or puppy training). But, how much do you really know about what treats you are feeding your dog? In our last issue we discussed raw feeding and the benefits to our dogs. The canine has a short digestive tract that is geared towards the consumption and digestion of raw foods. Modern life, however, means thatRead More →