As dog people we all know the sentiment that a dog is part of our family. They are not “just a dog” but a friend, a confidante, a playmate… So what is that makes a dog Man’s Best Friend? Why do they give us those adoring eyes? And how can we make this unexplainable bond even more special? Well, the clue is in the question – Bonding. Our dog won’t just automatically like us and so, if you have a new pet or are looking to strengthen the special bond with an existing doggy pal, we have some tips for you:- Quality Time: I often tellRead More →

Phoenix Orville is our winner! The team loved how scary our little monster looked (and how unimpressed) in his fantastic orange monster costume. We were also very taken with “Rennie the French Man” who models Frenchie heritage with all the style and disinterest that Paris has to offer! We do love a relevant costume and those garlic bulbs really emphasize his perfectly offset beret. I couldn’t let the competition go by without recognising this exceptionally stylish chap! We all know that slightly emo friend who couldn’t possibly smile for the camera but can always manage a devilishly handsome outfit… Here, we have the ultimate bow tie andRead More →

As a serving police officer with 10 years’ experience, 7.5 years of it as a front line response officer, I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with the animals, be it adorable kittens, ponies wandering the high street at 3am, or dogs. The majority of my run-ins have either been with woofers that belong to the public or police dogs. Dogs belonging to the public have varied from friendly Frenchies to the slightly bitey (as experienced by my shin – see further down for the full story). The remainder of my experiences have been with police dogs, although I wouldn’t describe these as cute andRead More →

October… The cold is coming, the nights are drawing in, and the ghosts and ghouls will be here before you know it! Who doesn’t enjoy a good old fashion fancy dress Halloween party? I know I do and I’m sure that a huge percentage of you lovely readers will have a good story to tell too. One year, I went to a friend’s house party dressed as a ‘dead beauty queen’ because the pretty girl always gets murdered first, right? Well, I got to wear a prom dress, smudge my make up all over my face and mess my hair up without a care inRead More →

Some dogs like cheese, others are prone to a bit of fruit, but our little red devil has a taste… for poo!!! Hers, Ronnie’s or Bailey’s.. she doesn’t mind who it comes from; the fresher the better!! We have tried every idea going – recall & a treat, added banana to her diet (as we worried that she may have a deficiency?) vitamins, raw, name it, we have tried it!! I think Lola likes the thrill of the chase! Who can get to the offending pile first….me or her?! We have even nicknamed her (affectionately) “Poo-eata”! Although she looks kissable, that’s a definite no go!Read More →

This month we posted a research poll on our Facebook page asking all of YOU the question:- “What food do you feed your fur babies and why?” 105 of you participated in this poll, which had the following results:- Raw feed 43% Dry/Complete kibble 33% Fresh fish/meat 13% Mix of tin & dry 7% Tinned meat 3% Mix of raw & dry 1% Reasons as to why 43% of participants feed a raw diet ranged from ‘more natural for all dogs’ to reason of health, nutrition and allergies. The top answer for why our members feed dry/complete kibble was tied between cost and because rawRead More →

In a foster home far far away (well, in the far south of England) live a pair of very special ladies. They have helped to rehabilitate many dogs with their calm confidence and laid-back personalities. You may even say that they ‘rule the roost’… Mrs Buff and Maggie are veter-hens of the rescue game; Mrs Buff has overseen the rehabilitation of a variety of animals and between her and Maggie they have put a few anxious frenchies on the road to recovery. Chickens have been utilised as therapy animals for years, but are not well recognised or accepted; however they have proven to be fantasticRead More →