A Funny Old Month

Hello Enquirers – me again!

Now, I have to first apologise that my return to work has had a knock on effect to our usual monthly publication. It did, however, lead to the publishing of our Autumn Bonanza Issue! That’s this one, in case you were wondering. We have combined all things Halloween and Bonfire Night to create a one-stop shop for this wonderful Autumn season. Not only that, but the combination of the two issues means we have the entire of November to sit down with the big guy in red and come up with all sorts of excitement for your December issue… So stay tuned!

That being said, we are also extremely in need of help when it comes to contributing to the paper. I edit each article personally and would love to work with more of you to bring new stories, fun ideas, and hard hitting health write-ups to the Enquirer. Please, please, please get in touch. We are very excited this month to have had the help of the VERY talented Steve Little, who has created a brand new logo just for us! So a big thank you to Steve; we hope you all love it as much as we do!

With that all covered, we can get back to the “issue” at hand. Yes, my jokes are really that bad. It’s completely effortless.

I love autumn; the way the leaves crunch under your feet, the colours, the smell of bonfires in the air. I just can’t get enough of it. There are many things about autumn that your dogs love too – the cooler weather is much more agreeable to our brachycephalic friends and who doesn’t love a good pile of leaves to dive into and crunch around?! If you want to create even more fun for your furry friends, why not check out our article on Halloween Parties for dogs? There are some steals to be had for adorable fancy dress, too…

Speaking of fancy dress, we have a winner for our October competition! Head on over to French Bulldog Fun to see photos of our fabulous entrants and to find out if you have won our goodie bag of treats!

Despite all the treats available this time of year, our very own Maureen Cox is staying strong with her slimming challenge. You can see her sponsorship form in this issue and support her journey by donating to PFBR.

There are a number of Need to Knows that we are highlighting in this issue Рsee our articles on behaviour troubles to watch out for this season, the ultimate trick our dogs play on us (coprophagia) and some dangers to watch out for when enjoying all the fun the season has to offer. Our friends over at Cedar Vet also have some great, to-the-point advice available on their website Рvisit them here and here for a read.

We have a special word from our Founder this month, rounding out the crazy summer season and looking forward to all things Phoenix for the rest of 2017. We also have a cornucopia of exciting reviews and product discounts to take advantage of over on Frenchie Reviews!

There are two exciting seminars coming up at Scampers and we’d love for you to attend. Both are presenting fantastic opportunities to learn about dog health across many different breeds and tickets are still available. See our breakdowns in Phoenix in the Community for more information on where to purchase tickets.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to pop by Barklife and Broomsticks in Wigan this weekend – 21st October 2017 – for a SPOOKTACULAR time. Our very own Teresa Cargill will be there along with members of the Phoenix Team, all ready to TRICK you in to our orange gazebo for the ultimate TREAT – Frenchie cuddles!

Yours frightfully,

Kim Malyan
Trustee – Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue
Editor – The French Bulldog Enquirer

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